About Us

Your past doesn’t dictate your future - we’re here to help you move beyond it.

Counselling Helpline Melbourne has operated since 2006.

We provide telephone, video and in-person counselling in and around Melbourne.

Our carefully picked team of professionally trained counsellors has sincere passion for our work. Quite simply, we love helping others.

Our mental health services include individual, family and couples counselling, as well as treating addictions, anxiety, anger issues, gambling and depression.

We’re not here to judge—we’re here to provide quality help in complete confidentiality.

Professional counselling at $0 cost to you

All our counsellors are highly trained and are accredited by Medicare Australia.

This enables us to provide 100% bulk billing of all our counselling services.

So you are not left with any out-of-pocket expenses. At all.

How do we help?

From the outset all queries are taken by a trained counsellor.

Expect an empathic ear and a kind approach as we assess how we can best help you. Which is sometimes right there on the spot if the matter is urgent.

We help you obtain a mental health care plan referral from your general practitioner, entitling you to up to 20 counselling sessions per year.

This enables one nominated counsellor to go on the journey with you to explore the issues in-depth.

All counsellors have various areas of expertise and take a caring, solution-focused approach.

There is no judgement, only dedication towards long-term, long-lasting results.

Long-term results

The mental health plans we help people adopt into their lives are far-reaching.

So much so, we sometimes still receive thank you messages from people who benefitted from our services years ago.

We are pleased to have helped hundreds of people who have used our services over the years.

We believe in working together with you on a long-term strategy especially created for you. At your own pace.

It’s not about dwelling on the past. Instead, we help you move through and beyond your difficulties and empower you to have a better future.

Call 03 9530 5618 to speak with one of our friendly counsellors to discuss your needs or make a time for an descreet appointment.