Addiction Counselling

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Feeding an addiction provides a common feeling or euphoria and escapism to the daily life however this is normally short lived.

Addictions include alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, sex and use of the internet. Addiction normally means unstoppable repetitive behaviour that normally causes harmful reactions or services distasteful consequences.

For many the craving or impulse of an addictive event, substance or behaviour offers a short-term escape from the realities of their life and is often used to deal with depression or anxiety. Normally once the addiction has been fed, there are negative reactions such as guilt, depression and anger.

Most people with addictions to common causes such as alcoholism and abuse tend to seek rehab or advice through a counsellor. Addiction counsellors normally can provide treatments for addiction and can drastically improve the life of those whom suffer from addiction.

The human brain uses dopamine, (produced when we fall in love and similar to cocaine) to motivate; and endorphins (what we feel after vigorous exercise and similar to heroin) to reward behaviour.

When life is empty and these chemicals are not naturally present; when we are low or depressed, the tendency to addiction can increase.

Stimulation and reward are often ingredients of addiction: drugs, eating, gambling, shopping and sex all produce highs that need to be repeated

Common Addictions:

  • Alcohol Dependence
  • Drug Abuse
  • Gambling
  • Smoking
  • Internet Addiction

Counselling in melbourne can be an effective form of treatment, and may help sufferers to recognise their illness and try to understand it.

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