Gambling Counselling

and how Counselling Help Line Melbourne can help you.

Usually an entertainment and social activity, gambling for some can easily become a gambling addiction similar to alcoholism where the need to gamble or the aim of winning a jackpot takes over from the fun and joy of it.

These people normally attend a casino, do gambling on line, use gambling games and bet on sports more than 2-3 times a week. It removes the individual away from what should be a quick harmless bet so something that takes control of their life and focus.

If your gambling is causing issues in your life, you can take steps to change this.

Sometimes. talking about gambling with a friend, family member or a counsellor in melbourne specialised in gambling counselling in melbourne can reduce the stress that can cause you to continue to gamble.

More often, people who are or have had gambling counselling in melbourne or advice can return to a suitable harmless level of gambling.

Generally if you’re losing more money than you can afford, accumulating debts, suffering mentally, physically, and/or socially, giving up or trying to give up through a gambling counselling in melbourne service may be your best option.

People gamble for lots of different reasons including finance problems, addition to winning, loneliness, family problems and depression.

Understanding why you gamble can help you change your behaviour. If you are not sure why you are so focused on gambling, speak with us.

Most people gamble to:

  • To win money
  • For entertainment
  • To be sociable
  • To make a big win
  • To forget troubles
  • To escape from problems
  • For something to do
  • For excitement
  • To avoid talking to people

As well as all these reasons, people may gamble as a habit. The reasons they started have been forgotten and the habit just goes on. You can take steps to break the habit.

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