Anger Management Counselling

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Being Angry – you’ve probably experienced it at some point

You have probably seen your partner, brother, sister, mother, father, friend blow up in a rage of anger over a whole range of topics and situations. Being angry is a common and controllable mood all humans experience. For some people, frequent and intense episodes of anger can seriously jeopardize with life and the health and wellness of those nearby. Understanding anger and getting the right help to start managing it can make a huge and lasting difference.

In our fast-paced life we live in, anger can come from anywhere and everywhere. Rush hour travel, technology failure and turbulent relationships with friends, loved ones and work colleagues are common sources of anger.

For example, you may become angry if you or your loved ones are experiencing acts of violence towards them or they are being approached by others at a party. You may get angry if you are under physical threat, if you’re losing a battle at work, or if someone attempts to destroy your reputation or livelihood. Anger has a positive effect that keeps your body and mind stimulated and ready for action when within stressful situations.

Most people are able to keep their anger under control, but if you feel you’re unable to cope with your temper or if it’s affecting those around you, you need to speak with us (
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